About Hillbilly N Co

The idea of a clothing brand circled around for a long time, ideas that went cold, ideas that I didn't know where to take, ideas that didn't fit me and what I was about..

I wanted something to show who I am, what I live for and something to be proud of to share with others..

And that's where Hillbilly N Co was born! Around a table with a few beers and my closest mates. Every part of the Hillbilly N Co ideas put on that table represented me, us and what we are about.

A brand that wasn't just singled out at your high honky cowboys or your whistle-dick tradies, but something that everyone could get around! A country-workwear brand.. 


Cailan is the name I go by - an Aussie girl who loves all things country. Im real. Im raw. Im all things Hillbilly! Ain't nothing wrong with tracky pants tucked into your cowdy boots and a glass of wine! That'll do me!